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2010 Video Original Op-Yop

The "Lunch With Soupy Sales Show" and  Soupy's antics with the psychedelic "op-yop" started a fad that quickly sold over 2 million toys. Other Midwest TV Personalities like Robin Seymour, Captain Jolly, Poopdeck Paul, and Chicago's Bozo helped make the Op-Yop a child hood favorite!

The Op-Yop Toy Story...

The Op-Yop is from an earlier, simpler time in American life. When it was first made in the mid 1960's, kids could choose from thousands of different American-Made  toys.  Why did millions choose the Op-Yop? Was it the Clik-Clak sound? The bright colors? Or just the fun of playing with it?

It was all of these things. The toy was addictive. The sound was unique and the spinning colors were mesmerizing.  It quickly became a kid's favorite and a pass time lasting hours a day. Playing with friends and their Op-Yops, many different tricks were invented.  It was fun then and still fun now.

As years passed and the Op-Yop fad entered toy history, it was forgotten; Cherished fun times faded into memory,  and no one thought of it again.  Until...

A stash of hundreds of vintage, original 1968 Op-Yop toys were discovered in barrels and boxes in a warehouse along with the original molds; all but forgotten for over 40 years.  Curious if any one would buy them again, toys were offered for sale on Ebay.  That created a lot of interest. Digging into the toy's past we found a secret plastic formula that produced the unique sound.  Soon, we put every thing needed to make treasured Op-Yop toys again.

Since April, 2010, Op-Yops are again being hand made in Michigan, just like the original toys... and the response is exciting.  When offered at local craft fairs and shows everyone has a comment about the toy.

Op-Yop's possess a hypnotic power. When seen from a distance, approaching visitor's eyes lock onto the bright day-glo colors of the large display.  As they see an Op-Yop in motion they stop dead in their tracks and become entranced.  "What is it? they ask, How does it work?"

After trying an Op-Yop for the first time, everyone, all ages, instantly decide it is the perfect toy.  Older buyers comment how nice it is to know they can get them again.  Youngsters immediately want to  have one for their very own.

You can share the excitement and give hours of enjoyment to someone special...

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10 for $42.50

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Items are shipped, completely assembled, packaged individually in clear poly bags and include instructions for use. 
Op-Yops are not recommended for children under 5 years old.

For more information please contact:

Darcy Star Productions - 1028 Langley Blvd.- Clawson, MI - 48017
or email
Phone 586-306-9217