Clawson GoodFellows

Fund Raiser

In a small community like Clawson, Michigan (about 2-1/4 miles square) the residents take care of their neighbors.

The Clawson GoodFellows, comprised of volunteer fire fighters, are known for their support of the noble cause of
No Child Without A Christmas.

As it happens, Our founder Darcy's favorite holiday is Christmas.  It was a natural fit when she read an article about the need exceeding the resources available.  She decided to set up a Day At The Market to benefit the Good Fellows.

With the help of many people, whose cooperation and support made it a huge success, the fundraiser took place on September 12th, 2010 at the Clawson Farmers Market held in the city park.  Our thanks go out to some whose support was notable: like Catherine Kavanaugh, Daily Tribune Staff Writer, whose key newspaper articles brought in hundreds of people;  Penny Luebs, Clawson's Mayor, whose support helped with logistics;  Travis Cochrane and Tierney Keyes of the Clawson Farmers Market, who donated the space.  The crowd was so large and constant during the four hour event that extra help was needed to attend to the customers..... help came from Darcy's brother Jim, our friend Michelle, and Darcy's mother, Linda.

State Senator John Pappageorge
State Senator John Pappageorge  (above right) stopped by to lend his support and made a generous donation for Clawson's kids.

              being readiedReady For
Op-Yops For The Goodfellows

As a result, Darcy met with Jim Horton, of the Clawson Goodfellows (pictured below) and delivered a $500.00 donation of money and Op-Yops destined for Clawson's children.

Jim Horton
              and Darcy Bronersky Clawson Goodfellows

Thank you to everyone for your help on our very first
fund raiser!

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